My Personal Guard

A short statement jumped out at me in my morning devotion today – “Satan has control over everyone whom God does not especially guard.” ( The Great Hope pg.69 ) Pretty heavy stuff. It makes you want to pray everyday … read more

The Meeting Place

Sometimes learning takes place best outside of the usual and customary location. Joel and I have taken to occasionally visiting the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists which is  the world headquarters for the SDA religion in Silver Spring, Md … read more

Post New York

It was quite a week. A Character Building one as my pastor would say. The kids and I spent a successful Thanksgiving weekend in New York at a dental conference of mine and just barely caught the Bolt bus back … read more

Half Marathon Accomplishment

After several years of talking and then the past year of actually training, I finally got a chance to complete and join  the ranks of those who have sweated and endured the half marathon distance – an increasingly popular alternative … read more


Reading has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I probably became near-sighted due to my extreme ‘book-in-hand’ habits of  childhood that even had me on the street walking , reading and dodging traffic! I can … read more

Thanksgiving week

Well a mad rush going into one of America’s most family friendly and endearing of holidays. We plan to head out of town on Thursday itself , and Joel continues at STEM School tomorrow while I work and his sister … read more