The exam taker

The very thought of an exam at my ‘tender’ age , had my ‘braces teeth’ on edge. But I decided to do my Basic Life Support renewal course partially online. This took me the better part of my evening, with … read more

All more alike than Different

I was in a particular government office┬áthis morning sitting across from a lady from Thailand. I jokingly teased that she must be happy she is not sitting where I am and how nice it might be to exchange seats… Well … read more

Math Methods

I imagine there are as many math methods and curriculum for homeschoolers as even there are students trying to decipher its mysteries. I am naturally a verbal , language arts kind of person. The irony is that I studied science … read more

Parenting in the Trenches

So would you agree that most kids won’t believe the stove is hot till they jump back “ouch!” themselves? It is something I wrestle with: how do you teach kids to trust your voice, that they will reap what they … read more

Personal Best

Today was a cold and windy day. It was also the day I ran my personal best. Eleven point three miles with a serious wind resistance in my face the last mile! I have been working on my endurance for … read more

Old Time Schooling

Remember those pre-computer days , even those pre-handout days when work was given on the blackboard? We were probably speedy and accurate writers those days – as penmanship was a bona fide class for years. Well today I got to … read more

The teacher as the student…

It is a humbling and interesting position as an adult and homeschooler ( I think that word is used interchangeably for student and parent ) ,to be in a position to be either relearning , learning for the first time … read more

Creating community

I entered homeschooling very idealistically and enthusiastically – as I do most everything. I tried to convince two of my friends it was the greatest thing since sliced cheese that they could be doing in August – the same time … read more