Old Time Schooling

Remember those pre-computer days , even those pre-handout days when work was given on the blackboard? We were probably speedy and accurate writers those days – as penmanship was a bona fide class for years. Well today I got to … read more

The teacher as the student…

It is a humbling and interesting position as an adult and homeschooler ( I think that word is used interchangeably for student and parent ) ,to be in a position to be either relearning , learning for the first time … read more

Creating community

I entered homeschooling very idealistically and enthusiastically – as I do most everything. I tried to convince two of my friends it was the greatest thing since sliced cheese that they could be doing in August – the same time … read more

It’s a quiet day today. Joel is at STEM learning coding, journalism, Engineering 1 and Orienteering today. I had a small trickle of patients after a large family canceled. Joel and Gabrielle ( my senior princess in high school ) … read more